Arjun Attam
Arjun Attam

Hi, I'm Arjun. 👋

Until recently, I was working at 100ms, where we build infrastructure for live, interactive video. The Internet matches opportunity with aspiration, and we enable more of that with video: connect students with teachers, patients to doctors, and bring like-minded community members together.

I have built and love building products for developers. As software “eats the world”, I believe developers have an opportunity to create immense value—and empowering them to do more drives me to work everyday.

I’m a builder at heart, and have shipped side-projects like Covid Maps (featured on TechCrunch, YourStory and CityNews), Rubberduck, VS Code Chat, and the Startup Green Room podcast.

If there's a way I can help, feel free to reach out. I'm available at, or on Twitter DMs.